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“Arch Consultancy” is the group of keen and energetic Architects and Designers of varied experience.

We undertake projects on the design, consultancy and project Management basis.

Our focus to ensure aesthetic control, time scheduling, Proper planning and Budget Management.

Efficient project management through a large trained manpower


ARCHITECTURE starts with preparation of the design brief. An Architect carries out site evaluation, analysis and impact of existing and/or proposed development on its immediate environs. This provides important inputs for design and site development. Once the design is prepared the architect prepares drawings for obtaining sanction from statutory authorities.


To be able to construct the project tender drawings and documents are prepared and contractor(s) are appointed. The architect coordinates the preparation of Structural design, Sanitary, plumbing, drainage, water supply and sewerage design, Electrical, electronic, communication systems and design, the design of Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) other mechanical systems, installation of elevators & escalators, the provision of Fire detection, Fire protection and Security systems etc. To ensure that a project is executed in accordance with the drawings and details Periodic inspection and evaluation of Construction works is also carried out.


For an Interior Design an Architect is required to provide services in respect of site evaluation and assessment, Interior design space planning & development and volumetric study. The architectural additions and alterations are part of this design process. Interior architecture also included the design of fixed items of work, loose furniture & interior related civil works, illumination design, sound & acoustic design, graphic design and signage, indoor plantation, selection of materials, equipment and other interior related elements. This work also entails the integration of all Engineering services. As per demands of client Firm deals with complete turnkey interiors to.


Landscape Architecture involves site appraisal and suitability studies. The design of outdoor begins with Site planning and includes the design of landform and grading, surface drainage design and water management, irrigation design, design of open spaces, both hard & soft areas, plantation design, design of landscape structures and features, garden and street furniture design, illumination design and the design of graphics & signage. It is essential that the co-ordination of external services is carried out.


Valuation is the process of determining the current worth of an asset. A valuation is useful when trying to determine the fair value of a property. It is the process of making an estimate of worth of real property or other assets for a particular purpose eg. letting, purchase, sale, audit, rating or taxation. Valuation is carried out by a professional who carries out inspections in order to help determine the current market value of property and/or land. A valuer has detailed knowledge of the factors that can affect property prices such as location, crime rates, socio-economic conditions and relevant property laws as well as an assessment of the business potential in the area.


Valuation helps individuals and corporate firms on effective strategies for buying properties, on likely loan repayments and likely returns for their investments based on the quality of the property and its location. It also helps decision makers/owners on cost-effective methods to dispose of property that is derelict or in need of severe work. Valuation plays a specialized role in resolving disputes relating to property sales. Other valuations can guide in valuing and selling off tools and machinery in cases where a business goes into liquidation.


  • Site Development with proper Scheduling
  • Discussion with clients for their ideas.
  • Preparation of Estimates, BOQ & TES.
  • Inviting the Tender with Vendors selection.
  • Site Logistics.
  • Man – Material – Quality- Management.
  • Time Safety & Risk Management.
  • Procurements with economics of a projects.
  • Value Engineering.